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The Path to Recovery Starts with Detox of Delray

Detox of Delray is located in sunny South Florida, just minutes from the ocean. Our center has an extensive background with professional detox and treatment centers, with three decades of experience in successful addiction treatment.

Medically Supervised Detox

Detox of Delray can provide you with a medically supervised detox if needed

Admission and Supervision 24/7

Individualized Attention from staff in a Comfortable environment 24/7

Our Facility Amenities

Fully Stocked Pantry, Flat Screen TV and XBox

The Critical First Step

Once an individual becomes addicted to drugs or alcohol, their body develops a physical and psychological dependence to the substance, which makes going “cold turkey” dangerous and nearly impossible. A professional detoxification safely and successfully rids your body of harmful toxins introduced from the drugs and alcohol, which prepares you for the next step of treatment. You cannot go directly into a treatment center in Delray Beach, Florida without a proper detox.

Individualized Plans

A major obstacle for those seeking treatment is fear of the withdrawal process, which can be painful and uncomfortable. Typically, symptoms of withdrawal can include anxiety, depression, physical pain, sleep disturbances, sickness, and cravings. Our team of licensed medical professionals understand that each person experiences addiction differently. There is no “one size fits all” plan at Detox of Delray. Our professionals design a plan specific to the substance, the length of the addiction, and your current physical and emotional needs. At Detox of Delray, we create a safe, comfortable, monitored environment for you to detox in complete serenity.
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Inpatient Detox

Assisting a person’s detox and then releasing them back to the street is most likely going to result in them relapsing. A truly successful detoxification requires consistency, comfort, safety, and individualized medical attention. An inpatient detox is the best way to ensure you avoid relapse and clean your system for good. Our live-in facility hosts daily therapy, meetings, and activities so you can detox with a strong support system around you. Detox of Delray provides a safe environment for the entire duration of your program, so there’s no added stress of finding a place to stay or arranging for transportation.

At Detox of Delray, we provide an inpatient detox and mental health treatment to assist you in getting rid of your addiction for good. Once you detox, you’ll open the door to treatment and lifelong recovery. While detox is the necessary first step to recovery, detox alone cannot cure an addiction. After we monitor your detox, we direct you to an appropriate treatment center that can provide you with the best care. We are happy to provide transportation to and from your referred treatment center.

It is time to break free from your addiction. Choosing Detox of Delray means taking the first step towards reclaiming your life.

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Feel Free to call is or email us. Remember we take Admissions 24/7 and Most Major Insurances are Accepted

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