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When someone is wrapped up in their addiction or alcoholism, they’re having a hard time recognizing the severity of their problem. Objectivity does not come easy to the drug addict or alcoholic.  Your loved one can’t get sober until they realize they have a problem, and there are usually two ways to recognize the problem – rock bottom or an intervention. Planning an intervention can be complicated, but it can save your loved one’s life. At Detox of Delray, we share tips for planning an intervention and helping your loved one get sober with drug rehab in Delray Beach.

Intervention Planning Tips

If you’re wondering how to plan an intervention, it’s important to understand every step of an intervention. The end goal of the intervention is to help your loved one accept treatment from a Delray recovery center, but they will not enter drug rehab in Delray Beach if the intervention is not planned and performed properly. Here are tips on how to plan an intervention:

  1. Call a professional. Calling a professional interventionist is one of the best things you can do to ensure the successful outcome of your intervention. Professionals can help make sure you check all your bases in intervention planning.
  2. Line up helpful resources. The goal of an intervention is to get your loved one into a Delray recovery center, and this can only be done if you have a treatment program lined up. You want to make it as easy as possible for your loved one to accept the treatment they deserve. So, line up resources, such as drug and alcohol detox in South Florida, before performing the intervention.
  3. Write what you want to say. Interventions are emotionally charged, but you don’t want to get off track. You do not want your loved one to feel attacked or judged, which is why it’s important to write out exactly what you will say during the intervention. Stick to the script during the intervention.
  4. Rehearse the intervention. Make sure to rehearse the intervention with your professional interventionist prior to actually conducting it. This way, you’ll have everything planned out ahead of time.

Unfortunately, many addicts are enabled by their family.  The family thinks it is doing something necessary or helpful by providing money to drug addicts.  The reality is providing financial support to an addict in active addiction is one of the worst things you can do.

That money lets them continue their drug use past the point where they would have otherwise stopped and entered treatment.  It enables the addict to keep using.  Often there will be one parent or family member who will continue providing support even after the addict has lost all other resources.  Often times that individual will feel responsible in some way for their loved one’s addiction.

It’s just that sort of enmeshed and co-dependent belief system that addicts will often take advantage off, oftentimes unconsciously knowing just what “buttons” to push to leverage a family members conflicted emotions for maximum gain.

Planning an intervention can be complicated, but interventions can be life-saving. With a successful intervention, your loved one will recognize their problem and willingly accept help for alcohol and drug rehab in Delray Beach.

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