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MDMA is a drug also known as ecstasy. Today, the use of ecstasy isn’t just limited to club settings. In fact, over 3.4 million young adults nationwide have admitted to using the drug at least once [1]. There are not as many studies exploring the dangers of ecstasy as other drugs, but there are emerging studies exploring the dangers of this drug. While physical addiction is not as common with MDMA, there can be a considerable emotional or mental need for the drug among users. At Detox of Delray, we offer a safe environment for ecstasy detox in South Florida.

Is 1 Actually Dangerous?

The short answer is yes. Many people think that they don’t need to stop their ecstasy use. Even if you’re using recreationally, or you have an active ecstasy addiction, there is a danger to using this drug. First, this drug has persisting neurotoxicity on the brain, reducing natural serotonin function [2].

The earlier a person begins using ecstasy, the more pronounced the damage to areas of the brain. For example, those who started using the drug before 18 have more pronounced damage to their glucose metabolism in the brain [3]. Glucose is crucial for powering the brain, so negative effects to glucose metabolism within the brain can cause a wide array of issues.

Beyond the long-term dangers of ecstasy, there are also short-term dangers. The short-term effects of ecstasy withdrawal lead many people into a mental need for the drug. One study showed that many regular users of the drug chose ecstasy as a form of self-medication for past trauma and struggles [4]. When a user stops taking MDMA, they often feel the effects of depression or despondency, resulting in a desire to use the drug again to avoid the effects. This perpetuates an ecstasy addiction that can be dangerous.

How Can I Stop Using Ecstasy?

MDMA has dangerous effects both in long-term and short-term timeframes. At Detox of Delray, we’re here to help. Our facility offers a wide variety of detoxes in South Florida, including safe detox from E. It’s important to find expert help for your ecstasy detox, such as the detox services at our outpatient detox in South Florida. Breaking free from ecstasy addiction starts with one call to our team at Detox of Delray. We have been providing holistic treatment to addiction for 3 decades, treating the whole individual and not just the symptoms of substance abuse.



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