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Tis the season for binge drinking. From the night before Thanksgiving until New Year’s Day, most Americans find themselves nursing hangovers between nights of excessive and binge drinking. Some people experience uncontrollable shaking after drinking and others experience anxiety and depression days after drinking alcohol. This is sometimes called the hangover shakes.

But it’s not as funny as the Harlem Shake, not at all. Hangover shakes are a signal your body is using to tell you that it may be time to cut back on alcohol consumption for a while.

Detox of Delray is a detox facility located close to the Downtown Delray nightlife scene. It’s there that many people will binge drink and experience uncontrollable shaking associated with their hangovers.

Why Do You Get the Shakes After a Night of Drinking?

Put simply, hangover shakes are a symptom of alcohol withdrawal. Your body has an overactive sympathetic nervous system.

Alcohol is a depressant. Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) is blocked when you drink, and it is a major inhibitory neurotransmitter, which suppresses spams.

Now your body is spasming uncontrollably after drinking because the body has “gotten used to” the presence of alcohol to maintain homeostasis.

Your brain stopped producing GABA because alcohol was in your systems blocking it. After you drink, your body has to begin producing GABA again, so it will take a few hours to stop shivering after drinking.

How Do You Get Rid Of Hangover Shakes?

Alcohol depletes your sugar levels and dehydrates you. This is why most people feel like they have a desert in their mouths and crave greasy, sugary fast food after a night of binge drinking.

Your hangover shakes and sweating should pass very quickly and will likely be gone within a few hours after waking up.

Some people recommend the “hair of the dog”. Back in the day, people thought you would have to consume the hair of the dog that bit you to avoid getting any diseases from the bite. Now, hair of the dog, refers to drinking more of the same alcohol you consumed the night before to stop hangover tremors and shaking.

It works, because it reduces your withdrawal, but it is a fools solution and we recommend avoiding it at all costs. It will only prolong your hangover symptoms. After the morning drink ‘wares off’, you will feel the shakes again.

If you are a heavy drinker and you are shaking for 2 days or more after a night of drinking, or every morning after you drink, you might be experiencing delirium tremens, also known as DTs. If these symptoms persist for a day or two it is important that you find a professional alcohol detox center immediately.

Unmonitored detox from alcohol can be fatal.

The best way to avoid hangover shakes is to drink in moderation. But, so many people choose to binge drink during the holidays so for them, we simply say, be careful!


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