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Reasons to Quit Drinking Right Now

In case you need a little extra motivation to quit drinking right away, the detox professionals at Detox of Delray share the top reasons to quit drinking and get your life back on track.

Reason #1: No more hangovers: Facing a hangover is your body’s way of telling you not to keep damaging it with alcohol. No longer will you wake up with a headache, with nausea, or general sickness. Instead, you can greet each day feeling your absolute best.

Reason #2: Heal your brain: Once you quit drinking you’ll notice that foggy feeling that looms in your brain will disappear.  You’ll enjoy a new clarity that you may have forgotten was possible.

Reason #3: Repair your skin: Many of your facial features are negatively affected by the presence of alcohol in your body. You’ll notice a dramatic improvement in your complexion within days of ridding alcohol from your system.

Reason #4: Save money: Once you stop drinking, you’ll immediately feel the financial benefits. Even adding one or two drinks to your meal can increase the price by nearly $20. When you’re clean and sober you can enjoy your money in healthier, more productive ways.

Reason #5: Improve your health: Once you give your body a break from alcohol, your liver will begin to repair itself in as little as two months. Many people report their overall outlook on life is better as well.

Reason #6: No more regrets: No more apologizing for your drunken actions, or worrying about the dangerous, irrational situations you may have gotten involved in while intoxicated. Now, all decisions can be made with clear, conscious thinking.

For more reasons to quit drinking, call and speak with our detox professionals at Detox of Delray.

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