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Telltale Signs Your Child is Using Drugs

Raising children is a difficult job as it is. As the teenage years approach, parents are burdened with more stress and concern around whether their teenager is becoming involved with drug and alcohol use. The Florida detox center at Detox of Delray knows it may be difficult to think your child may be using harmful substances. If simply asking does not work, look out for the following signs your child is using drugs:


The most obvious sign of drug use is possession of the drug itself. If your child has drugs or alcohol on them, there is a good chance that they are using the substance, or plan to use it.


Paraphernalia are the items associated with hiding or consuming drugs. Common drug paraphernalia to look out for includes rolling papers, cigars, pipes, bongs, roach clips, lighters, E-cigarettes, plastic baggies, needles, tin foil, cut up straws, razor blades, and aerosol cans. Common items used to cover up the smell of drugs or alcohol includes: mouth wash, mints, colognes, perfumes, and eye drops.

Change in Personal Appearance

Drug and alcohol use causes a decline in hygiene and personal appearance. As a parent, try to look for messy hair or clothes, poor hygiene, flushed cheeks, track marks on arms or legs, or burns on fingers. Look out for sudden weight loss, vomiting, bruises, and sweatiness. If your child is wearing long sleeves or cold weather clothes in warmer months, this could be a sign that something is going on that you may not know about.

Change in Relationships

If your child has become increasingly aggressive towards others, emotionally unstable, or you have noticed they changed their group of friends entirely, these are also signs your child is using drugs.

Change in Attitude

A change in attitude is common among teenagers, but only to a certain extent. If you notice a rapid change in your child’s behavior, sudden mood swings, or a persistent negative attitude, they may be using drugs. Other examples of attitude changes associated with teenage drug use are: depression, abandonment of healthy social activities, evading questions regarding whereabouts, unexplained injuries, clouded memory, and a general change in personal habits.

Change in Behavior

Change in attitude and change in behavior go hand in hand, and are some of the biggest signs your child is using drugs. Look out for the following behavioral changes:

Going out every night

Deceitfulness or secretiveness

Decreased motivation


Slurred speech, or rapid fire speech


Excessive thirst

Making excuses for behavior

Breaking curfew

Disappearances for extended amounts of time


If you believe your child or teenager is using drugs or alcohol, call the professionals at Detox of Delray to begin a medical detoxification and help ensure your child stays on the right path for a bright future.

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