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The Inpatient Detoxification Process: How It Works

If you or your loved one is suffering from an addition, do not wait another second to reclaim your life and break free from your dependency. The very first step in overcoming addiction is detoxification – the process of removing the harmful substance from your system to help you begin treatment and recovery.

At Detox of Delray’s new facility, we provide an inpatient detox program to help you free your mind and body of the drugs or alcohol that are plaguing your life. If you are not clear on how the detox procedure works, Detox of Delray will walk you through the process, from the first phone call to a lifetime of recovery.

Step 1: Admission
The addict must first admit that they have an addiction, and then ask for help. Asking for help from a family member, a friend, or simply calling the Detox of Delray facility can get you in touch with professionals who are ready to help you break free from your addiction. Our facility offers 24-hour admission, assistance, and intake. Once you arrive, you will meet with an intake counselor who will provide an orientation.

Step 2: Evaluation
Next, you will meet with our licensed, professional, medical staff who will conduct an evaluation of your condition. They will evaluate your substance of choice, your physical condition, your mental condition, and any previous detoxifications.

Step 3: Individualized Treatment Plan
The medical staff will then use this evaluation to create an individualized treatment plan that caters specifically to you and your needs. Your individualized plan addresses your goals, services needed, recommended intensity, and progress indicators. It will serve as a road map that will guide you along your detoxification process, from start to finish.

Step 4: Detoxification
This is the most important step. The detoxification process cleanses your blood, removes impurities, and eliminates toxins affecting vital organs. A medical detox will effectively remove the substance from your system while attempting to minimize withdrawal symptoms.

Step 5: Counseling and Programs
You will never be alone during your inpatient detoxification process at Detox of Delray. Our professionals will assist you with individual counseling services, and you can attend group sessions with people who are experiencing similar circumstances as you.

Step 6: Preparation for Transition
Detoxification is the first step on the road to recovery. After you complete a successful detox, we prepare you to transition into a treatment center that most appropriately meets your medical and lifestyle needs.

Step 7: Aftercare
Once our individualized detoxification process has left you feeling re-energized and refreshed, we will provide you with transportation to an experienced treatment center where you can begin working on maintaining a sober, healthy lifestyle.


Here are a few extra tips to make your detoxification process as smooth as possible:

  • Follow the plan the professionals provide for you.
  • Be honest with your counselors.
  • Understand that the staff at Detox of Delray are your allies, not your enemies.
  • Participate in healthy habits, counseling, and physical activity.
  • Ask questions about anything you do not understand.
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