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Staying sufficiently hydrated is the key to a successful drug detox. A new study by the American Addiction Centers (AAC) says that your fluid levels play an essential role in drug detox, especially for athletes.

Successful drug detox programs for athletes focus heavily on hydration.

Why staying hydrated during drug detox is so important:

  • Toxins are flushed from the body in perspiration, digestive systems. Replacing these fluids quickly and regularly is vital.
  • Detox takes a toll on your body, fluids aid in body repair.
  • Staying hydrated speeds up the detox process.
  • Staying hydrated will weaken the effects of withdrawal.

Not paying attention to hydration levels may have the opposite effect, making withdrawals worse, prolonging the detox process, and causing irreversible psychical damage.

Executive detox programs for famous athletes located though South Florida provide complete discretion, one-on-one counseling, and private entrances for high profile clients.

Executive detox centers also allow athletes to continue training and working out, as well as access to their unique dietary and other physical needs.

The more physically active the patient, the more fluids might be lost during the detox process.

Athletes are no strangers to addiction. Many high-profile athletes succumb to drug addiction that may result from an injury; opioids being one of the most difficult drugs to detox from successfully.

Opioid detox can be particularly difficult. Loss of fluid is common when detoxing from opioids, painkillers and heroin.

Drug detox is a different process for everyone, but it’s possible that certain foods and fluids improve comfort. Your diet should be salt free and fat free during detox.

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