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Beautiful Boy is a movie about addiction based on the 2 best selling memoirs, Beautiful Boy by David Sheff and Tweak by his son Nic Sheff. This is no ordinary movie about addiction because it offers the perspective of both the addict and the family member. Both books recount the trials and tribulations of the father and son duo who struggle through addiction.

And like all stories and movies about addiction, it illustrates that it can happen to anyone. Nic grew up in a well-to-do family, surrounded by love with all the opportunity in the world.

Addiction doesn’t care. You can see how little addiction cares when you walk the halls of a meth detox center. Nic’s struggles with methamphetamine are chronicled honestly, brutally, and completely.

One of the best nuggets of truth that you can take from this movie is that there are two sides to every story of addiction. That fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, sons, and daughters of addict’s struggle through their own personal hell when confronted with the flipside of the addiction coin.

If there was one piece of advice that Nic Sheff conveyed that we can all take away from its this: “I felt like maybe I don’t have to lose everything before I ask for help this time—that maybe it would be okay to ask for help before I’ve destroyed every relationship in my life…”1.

Beautiful Boy joins the ranks of other highly-respected movies about addiction including Trainspotting, Basket Ball Diaries, and Requiem for a Dream. The difference is that this movie shows us both sides of addiction. We encourage families to see the movie as soon as possible and bring tissues.


[1]: The Fix – The Naked Sheff: America’s Most Infamous Meth Head Grows Up

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