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Want an honest look at what it’s like to withdraw from heroin? We have a story from a Reddit user who is now 4 years clean.

“The sh**ty thing is that, at least for me this is the easy part.

The acute withdraw sucks, you feel sick, your body hurts, your legs won’t stop shaking, you might sleep 2 hours a night. You puke. Everyone pisses you off. It only lasts about a week or so tops. You can power through, because you know there’s relief at the end of the tunnel.

Then the real test starts. For about the next six months, I was crushingly depressed. You’re clean now, but your brain, at its most logical core, thinks it would still be a good idea to get high.

Just one more little shot to shake this feeling so I can get some work done and get back on my feet, you need money, right? You can’t earn money laying in bed all day! It’ll cure this depression in a snap and you can go get a job and be normal for a day! Then you can actually be clean!”

One of the most common things about heroin withdrawals it the bargaining with yourself. The negotiating between the part of you who wants to be clean and the part of you that wants to use is intense.  You are your own worst enemy. So, what it’s like to withdraw from heroin? It’s like fighting with yourself.

“You listen to those thoughts once and you’re back to square one. Then you start putting off getting clean again because you remember how much work it is. Then you waste another year preparing. You start to tell yourself: Maybe I just NEED this drug on the weekends, to be like everyone else.”

The most insidious thing about this drug is those intrusive thoughts. It overrides the most logical centers of your brain and makes you really believe that you need that drug one more time.  Or that it would be OK to use because “It’s just one last time.”  Many addicts report getting high “one last time” for months on end.

“Now you made it that next 6 months. Get ready for real life to come back. To come to terms with the new normal. You’re probably depressed, broke, with no support system. You might have a criminal record. Everything that sucks makes you feel immensely bad, everything good feels, at its best, merely ok because your internal gauge of what feels good is so out of whack. This last for a long time. No like a month or two. Like a year or two. It’s hard.

However, when you rebuild and get clean, and stay clean, it really does finally go away. You’ll never totally forget what a shot feels like, and you’ll always have to keep your guard up because you know that your brain will screw you. You have to plan ahead, stay away from dumb sh** and dumb people. However, it rules so much to have a real life. There is no real life to be lived on opiates, you’re just getting high and waiting to die, and hurting everyone you come in contact with. Anything is better than that life.”

That is the heroin withdrawal from the perspective of an ex-heroin addict. Heroin detox does not have to be difficult and it can be managed if you find the right heroin detox center to aid in your journey. Don’t give up.

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