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The first question of denial that high functioning alcoholics usually ask themselves is simply this: “if it ain’t broke, why fix it?” The answer is that the long-term side effects of alcoholism are brutal, and the addiction itself is just medicating an underlying problem that is slowly tearing your psyche apart.

An even shorter answer is this: because you could be better.

The issue that faces any good South Florida detox facility is how to create an effective alcohol detox that can treat the high level executive, CEO, CIO, CMO, and business owner. These people don’t have the luxury of time – the time needed to detox from alcohol without missing work.

Why It’s Necessary

Not only are executives susceptible to addiction, they also struggle to find treatment because detox centers will not allow patients to continue to work while receiving treatment. Executives and business owners have no choice but to struggle with addiction, risk losing their careers, or at the vey least, risk taking a major step back in their working lives.

David Linden, PhD, a neuroscience professor at Johns Hopkins’ School of Medicine and argues that the traits that make a good CEO – risk-taking, strong drive for success, obsession, dedication, novelty-seeking – are precisely what make a “good” addict.1

Additionally, addiction in CEOs is often created out of a need or trauma in early life. The absence of something can create a drive to succeed. Unfortunately, that absence can also lead to addiction.

The option to detox from alcohol without missing work opens high functioning alcoholics to the idea that treatment doesn’t have to cost them their careers.

Executive Program – Detox from Alcohol Without Missing Work

Addiction doesn’t care how much you earn. You either fight it and win, or you let it beat you every day.

Executive Programs for alcoholics offer a solution that is tailored towards high-powered career personalities who need detox from alcohol without missing work.

What makes alcohol detox for executives any different?

  • Receive access to your phone to continue to work with in alcohol detox.
  • Access to additional amenities only available through the Executive Program, including chiropractic, massage therapy, brain mapping, and premiere living facilities.
  • Counselling sessions with certified and qualified addiction treatment specialists who know how to work with high powered professionals.

Take the next step and sign up for alcohol detox right now: +1 800 598 3386.

Executive Alcohol Detox Phase 1 – Private Admissions

The first phase of the executive alcohol detox program involves privacy. All executive patients are given access to private entrances and exits, allowing them to come and go with complete privacy.

Intake and all communications are kept completely private. Every staff member is not only trained to provide the utmost professional services but to maintain privacy.

Executive Alcohol Detox Phase 2 – Monitoring & Medical Safety

The second step involves the initial withdrawal and detox from alcohol. Alcohol detox can be fatal, which is why we recommend detox at a certified alcohol detox facility.2 Please reconsider if you plan to detox from alcohol at home.

Trained detox staff ensure that all patients detox from alcohol quickly and safely. Each and every patient’s vitals are continuously monitored. The alcohol detox process is made as comfortable as possible.

After you are cleared of detox you will be moved into the Executive Program and rehab. This is the next step and highly recommended for continued success. If you think you are ready, call our executive addiction concierge at +1 800 598 3386.



[1]: Forbes – Why The Brains Of High-Powered People May Be More Prone To Addiction

[2]: National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism – Complications of Alcohol Withdrawal (PDF)

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