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Yes, you can detox from cocaine without missing work, but not in the way you may expect. It’s not the method of detox that must adjust but the rather the South Florida detox facility you choose that must accommodate.

Most cocaine detox programs will eliminate all access to devices that allow you to communicate with the outside world. That means no phones, tablets, or laptops. The issue is that CEOs who detox from cocaine still need access to their devices so they can continue to work. This is where the latest drug detox program can offer a unique solution: an executive detox program designed to provide safe and certified cocaine detox programs while allowing patients to continue their work. Executives needing to continue working while at a detox center can benefit from our executive detox programs.

Why It’s Necessary

High profile executives, CEOs, and business owners are not given the luxury of time off. Most work nonstop, and because of the high level of stress related to their professions, most are also susceptible to cocaine addiction. Cocaine is a drug that is more and more prevalent in high stress professions.

“People working 120 hours a week, for prolonged periods of time, go through harsh psychological transformations,” says Alexandra Michel, a professor at USC’s Marshall School of Business, whose findings appear in the current Administrative Science Quarterly.1

A survey by the New York Times estimates that 5.6 percent of lawyers use cocaine, crack, and stimulants; 5.6 percent use opioids; 10.2 percent used marijuana and hash; and nearly 16 percent used sedatives. But rather shockingly, 75 percent of those surveyed refused to answer the drug-related question. Perhaps an insight into how many people actually used cocaine more frequently.2

The truth is that executive drug programs are necessary because executives need to detox from cocaine without missing work. It may be the only way they will even consider detox, as long as it doesn’t jeopardize their career.

Executive Program – Detox from Cocaine Without Missing Work

In order to fully detox from cocaine while maintaining your job, you have to maintain the same or close to the same levels of communication as before.

Though there is no quick cocaine detox that could allow you to complete recovery in a weekend, there are both IOP and PHP detox programs as well as executive rehab programs that provide this level of open communication. Our facility provides cocaine detox for executives from a variety of fields.

Executive Cocaine Detox Phase 1 – Private Admissions

The first phase of the executive cocaine detox program involves privacy. All executive patients are given access to private entrances and exists, allowing them to come and go without detection.

All communications and intake are kept completely private.

Executive Cocaine Detox Phase 2 – Monitoring & Medical Safety

Step 2 involves getting the patient clean of the effects of the drug. This is why going through detox at a certified rehab center is so crucial. There will be medical staff on call around the clock to monitor a patient’s condition. If the need for supplemental medication is required, it can be provided right away. A patient will also have their vital statistics monitored for any rapid changes. The entire detox process could last anywhere from three days up to a week. It’s for this reason that we highly recommend that no executive attempts to detox from cocaine at home.



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[2]: NY Times – The Lawyer, the Addict

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