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The newest drug detox advancement is not a drug, but a method, a fully realized detox program aimed at solving a modern problem. Drug detox for executives is a fairly new concept that is more necessary thanks to our increasingly busy professional lives. Taking a few weeks off to visit a cocaine detox center or to deal with an Adderall issue is just not as feasible as it once was. Our works lives are often just as hectic as our personal lives leaving precious little time for self-care.

And that’s where luxury drug detox comes in.

Who Is It For?

The latest drug detox is aimed at executives, including any addict with high level, stressful jobs such as entrepreneurs, business owners, CEOS, CIOs, and upper management.

Why Does This Executive Detox Differ from Regular Detox?

Addiction does not care what career you choose or how many hours a week you work, but unfortunately, high-level executives don’t have the option to take a prolonged period of time off work.

What Do You Get?

Patients who enter into the luxury detox program are provided with the same level of quality care that they can expect from a certified detox center in South Florida. The main focus is always on the level of care provided.

Executives that choose to enter into the luxury drug detox program will have added access to amenities like chiropractors and massage therapists. There are also policies to allow executives to access devices which allow them to continue working while in treatment. This is not allowed for regular detox patients.

Additionally, patients in the luxury drug detox program are given access to the facility via private entrances and exits, designed to allow well-known executives the privacy they need to enter and exit detox programs discreetly.

How Do You Get In?

If you would like to learn more about executive detox programs, reach out to one of our admissions concierges 1-800-598-3386. Your privacy is of the utmost importance and no conversations will ever be discussed outside of these calls.

Take the first step to start the next phase of your professional and personal life.

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