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Detox Facility

What Makes Detox of Delray the Perfect Detox Center?

Detoxing and breaking free from your addiction does not have to happen in dangerous neighborhoods or undesirable conditions. The perfect detox center should offer the same comforts of a home: safe, clean, and comfortable.

Detox of Delray is a licensed inpatient, medically supervised and staffed detox facility located in one of the nation’s most desirable locations – the heart of Florida’s Atlantic Coast.

We understand the importance of a positive surrounding environment while handling addictions, which is why we chose a location that offers natural remedies. Our brand-new facility, located in an upscale neighborhood, provides clients with a secure, serene, safe place to move through the detox process. Resting outside in the warm Florida sun can help heal the body quicker than having to fight the cold weather.

We create a peaceful and inviting atmosphere for you to detox in complete comfort. Our facility makes every detox process comfortable by providing each client with:

  •  A fully stocked refrigerator
  •  Flat screen televisions with a Roku
  •  PlayStation
  •  Traditional home comforts
  •  24/7 certified behavioral health technicians
  •  Comfortable bedding and relaxation areas
  •  A medical director supervising each client’s entire program
  •  Separate facilities for men and women to detox privately, without distractions

Supportive housing can be provided through our affiliated partners if needed

Our detox center houses less than 50 people at a time, so you will enjoy personalized treatment each day of your detox. We want you to feel comfortable, we want you to complete detox, and we want you to recover. Life clean and sober is better than life as an active addict and alcoholic. Find your peace and clarity in sunny South Florida at Detox of Delray.

If you are ready to stop the chaos and futility of living addicted, Detox of Delray can help.  Call 800-598-3386 and regain your health and your life today.


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