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Opioids are dangerous drugs that work with and rewire, many of the brain’s reward systems. That’s the reason why many people become so disillusioned or Heroin or Fentanyl.  An idea had while on opiates can seem to have great potential while lacking any structure or coherence what so ever.  Someone’s life can be falling apart at the seams and yet they remain so overly optimistic…unitil their supply of opiates is reduced.

They also act on the central nervous system, dulling pain and even reducing anxiety. When a person stops using opioids, there are several factors that contribute to withdrawals. First, the person has learned to depend on these drugs for the avoidance of adverse situations or feelings [1]. With opioids out of the picture, anxiety can form as a person realizes that they need to face challenges in a different light [1]. Additionally, there are physical effects that create a variety of phycological symptoms that all play into heightened anxiety both during detox and several months after detox is completed [1]. At Detox of Delray, we offer safe and therapeutic approaches to opioid and heroin detox in Delray Beach. We can treat anxiety associated with opiate detox.

The Causes of Anxiety During and After Opiate Detox

Many types of drugs produce adverse withdrawal symptoms when the use of the substance has stopped. Anxiety is one of the many withdrawal symptoms. Additional opiate withdrawal symptoms can include:

  • Sympathetic Activation (aka Fight or Flight)
  • Crying
  • Sweating
  • Anxiety
  • Paranoia
  • Rhinorrhea

There are many challenges associated with opiate detox, including medical needs and patient risks [2]. When these problems aren’t properly addressed, relapse and detox dropout can occur [2].  At Detox of Delray, our services for opioid and painkiller detox in Delray Beach can help safeguard patient safety and success.

One of the most important issues to address during opioid and heroin detox in Delray Beach is anxiety. Anxiety forms due to emotional factors and physical factors as well. The severe anxiety associated with opiate withdrawal originates from mental instability and stress [3], which can best be addressed by professional treatment.

Treating Opioid Withdrawal Anxiety

At Detox of Delray, we offer detox services that include therapy, counseling, and medical monitoring for optimal patient safety throughout these processes. Because a portion of the anxieties experienced during opioid detox are rooted in thought patterns or emotional factors, treating these anxieties starts with personalized therapy. We offer group therapy and individualized counseling services to best address any anxieties patients experience during opiate detox. Contact our office today.



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