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Addiction Treatment Programs

Treatment After Detox

Detox is a necessary first step in breaking the trap of addiction, but it doesn’t cure all. After our medical supervisors have helped you safely remove the harmful substances from your body, we will develop a treatment plan for you and prepare you to enter the next phase of your recovery.

Detox of Delray has affiliated partnerships with Treatment Alternatives, who has three decades of experience in addiction treatment. Just as our detox plans are case-by-case, we know selecting a treatment center must be centered around the specific needs of the client.

Our experienced partners offer a variety of top programs to bring you the best addiction treatment programs in South Florida:


Partial Hospitalization Programs combine the advantages of medically assisted detox with the freedom to continue living your life. This is for clients that require close medical supervision in the earlier stages of treatment but do not need to remain in a hospital setting. PHP is a highly-structured treatment option for inpatient treatment. Treatment therapies are given 6 hours a day, 7 days a week. Clients are transported to local Delray Beach AA and NA meetings each night so that they may begin to build a sober support network.  Treatment Alternatives provides this level of care to clients as well as supervised supportive housing when needed.


Intensive Outpatient Programs are designed for individuals who no longer need to be under the care of a medical doctor or nurse. Like PHP, IOP patients continue to receive treatment 3-5 days a week but for 3 hours at a time. This approach still provides patients with group counseling, individual counseling, and alternative holistic treatments. Treatment Alternatives offers this step- down level of care because it has been demonstrated in a variety of studies as the most effective substance abuse treatment model. Supervised supportive housing through affiliated partnerships can be arranged as needed.


Outpatient treatment is for those who are in the final stages of treatment. With OP, clients continue to work, volunteer or go to school while receiving treatment 1 day a week (group or individual). Outpatient clients continue to attend 12 step meetings and receive the benefit of our supportive counseling staff.

Sober Living Houses

Once a client has successfully finished treatment, they can continue to live in a supportive environment in a supervised housing facility that Treatment Alternatives offers. To qualify for housing in a sober living facility, a recovering addict must complete the OP level of treatment, and they must be maintaining a clean and sober lifestyle.  This ensures that our community remains positive and consists of clients willing and able to support other clients on their journey to recovery and self-discovery.

Counseling can be arranged. For those who have gone through recovery with Treatment Alternatives, clients can continue to meet with their treatment counselors.  One big benefit we offer is the continuity of care.  Detox of Delray, Treatment Alternatives and our sober living residences are all owned by the same parent company.  This enables us to offer treatment services at each phase of addiction treatment, from detox to IOP, we’ve got you covered.

Our detox protocols prepare clients to immediately transition into treatment. The team at Detox Delray will provide you with a comprehensive evaluation to determine which program works best for you, and we will make any arrangement necessary to accommodate your needs. We provide a continuum of care for all levels of treatment. Make today the first day of the rest of your life. Call 800-598-3386.

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